The Last of Grinoldy

Spirit (As In Conceptual Form)

  There is one defining trait that begins every project (stemming from passion rather than duty): Spirit (or spark) (Spirit as in the conceptual form, IE: moving further away from the initial spark diminishes the spirit of the project). Large portions of the design and brainstorming process focus on maintaining the original spirit of a project; the consequences of abandoning this spirit being the loss of will of the original creators of the spirit. Would you abandon yourself?

  The main two variables that detract from spirit are: length of the design period and team size. Both of these are fairly self explanatory, the longer you spend in the design process the more chances you have to design your way away from the spirit, and with a larger team comes cliques of man totally separated from the spirit, who care only for the design process as an abstract. What is the purpose of me writing any of this? I have no idea. But it's here now, and you may think about any of these questions. I've been getting too much sleep, food, and water. I can't write anything with internalization of conceptual strength of indignation at any point along my internal strain: as an external form that brings itself out. That's why, for the spirit of the Grinoldy Lifestyle morphed into morphed back into the Grinoldy Lifestyle: but in a different environment. Everything is out of their own.