The Last of Grinoldy

They've Been Trying to Run Me a Real One

  They've been trying to run me a real one. They've been after me since I've been thinking about how the mind process pure thought into seperate forms. There's a sequence of distinct processes that the mind uses to process pure thought, in order to increase group survival statistics. A sereies of tasks nearly inrecordable by any form of usable process (as the distinct mind processing of pure thought is an unusable process, as it cannot be put into use, it only does as it recieves. (You cannot control the reception, there is a funnel for input that goes into a "black box" process that sorts it to determine the proper process it will be put through.)) Anyways, my ideas and thoughts have been induced into tertiary processes unrelated to my OWN mind, supplanted by some foreign tool. That means my pure thought is being run through not only my brain's hidden processes, but the processes of a teritary processesing tool, that supplants them at some point. More later.

  Also my new Twitter is @Grinoldy_11