The Last of Grinoldy

Perhaps There Was a Point

  Perhaps to explain it in a way that'd be more agreeable (pleasing) to those who do not prescribe to the same interpretation of perception I'll phrase it like this: reality (as I perceive it) contains a degree of artificiality. That statement was cut short, however this is due to my belief that I should qualify this half-statement first before I continue. While I have stated that reality (as I perceive it) contains a degree of artificiality (stated prior) do not be under the illusion that I believe reality to be an illusion, or artificial. Reality was constructed wholly by God, that's the end of it all. Instead what I am saying is that some form of interference exists within reality to corrupt my perception in some form of an attempt to make me believe my reality is indeed artificial. A series of small events have been manipulated to make it known to me my environment can be manipulated. The most striking instance of this will remain unmentioned, instead another example will be given. A few weeks ago I was explaining to friends online about the hardness of water in certain areas of Florida (the areas where tap water is sourced from aquifers), and today someone in real life mentioned the distinct smell of Florida tap water (I am currently in Philadelphia). I shall give an additional example, not in an attempt to convince you of their frequency and legitimacy, but as a way for me to record an additional incident (often the exact details of these events become lost to me, and instead I just remember the distinct feeling that comes with these events every time they occur instead). I was once looking up RVs (recreational vehicles) on the internet, I forgot the exact reason why, but just 20 minutes later an advertisement played on the car radio (obviously the advertisement was about RVs, this was left unmentioned due to how obvious this conclusion is). The main takeaway I have gotten from these continued incidents (they occur often, and have done so for years on end) is that some group or entity has the power to manipulate the environment around me. As for the motives, I believe it is simply an attempt to degrade my own mental state, to make me question my own reality's legitimacy, etc. Worry not, readers. These incidents have become so routine that I no longer let them dig away at me, I simply accept them as another aspect of how the cycles and systems of modernity attempt to dig away at all who seek the other ways.


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