The Last of Grinoldy

The Problems of Organization

  The problems of organization are quite self-evident really. If you were to plot methods of organization upon a graph, you could do so by having the x-axis correspond to the complexity of an organizational scheme, while the y-axis corresponds to the amount of content that fits within your organizational scheme. Upon making such a graph you would discover the distribution is quite right-skewed, with a majority of content fitting into simple organizational schemes, with an ever decreasing amount of content requiring ever increasing amounts of organizational complexity. Therefore, if you truly wished for your organizational scheme to be all-encompassing it would require inoperable levels of complexity to function.

  While on the topic of organization, an incredibly difficult form of content to organize is digital images and videos. In the past, I have attempted to encompass the contents of an image entirely within its file name, and I ended up with file names such as "yotsugi_head_90_degrees_screenshot.png" and "bateman_pointing_topleft.jpeg". This eventually became untenable so I switched to a system of naming them after the last name of the character within it, followed by a number. While I did eventually reach numbers such as "yotsugi214.png" it never became an issue, as when posting an image I would simply make use of the thumbnails that would appear within the file browser. While technically the complex system first described would be more effective in categorizing images, the simpler system was far more applicable for my specific use case.


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