The Last of Grinoldy

The Brain Will "Know" the Proper Course for Maximizing Space

  It suddenly came to me in my math class. I was using a pen, normally I use a pencil. I've never been exceptional in math, however this class has been an exception all because of my use of pen (I am ignoring every other relevant factor for sake of argumentation). Instead of being able to erase a mistake, revealing wasted space, every mistake created waste within my working environment. The brain picks up on this. The brain relishes in creative space maximization strategum. Filling a schedule, designing an infographic; whatever it may be the brain is aggressively focused towards informational environmental maximization efforts.

  The point, as in a pencil point, not a rhetorical point: a physical point. The use of erasable media prevents subconscious reframing towards effective info-space optimization. That is how I came across the discovery, mathematical refinement through subconscious space waste prevention. This will be the first in a series of articles I am planning on writing on this general topic (I will dub it "Subconscious Info-Space Maximization"). This one is to get you thinking. The next ones are to stop you from thinking further, as I will supplant my views onto whatever you develop.