The Last of Grinoldy

Following Up On The Letter From Several Months Prior

  Following up: I have received yet another letter, though I haven't read it. That's what they want. The point is to waste the time available to you for thought. Thought is a process they intend to impede for obvious reasons. However, my best inference is that the letter contains yet another threat of fines and imprisonment, however this does not scare me in the slightest. It's as if someone demanded you jump into a ditch, or else they will push you into it. It's nothing more than a thinly veiled and thought through (there is little purpose for them to devise a better scheme) threat. Due to the totality of their control and influence of general thought, few feel it necessary to resist the demands of these letters, and give in. However, you do not need to listen to these letters, and better yet, you shouldn't as doing so is falling straight into their process. Build your own process (another topic) and ignore them.