The Last of Grinoldy

The Future of Currency

  To ensure the progression of free thought beneath the harsh rays of the ontological ray of anti-freedom thought: a ray of extreme prejudice towards the thoughts decidedly free in nature. Consider the following: your life is built on trade. The trading of material goods for non-material goods. That is a modern transaction. The transition from a material currency to a non-material, theoretical currency is therefore an imperative of the modern age.

  A currency no longer held down by the laws of physics, a world where every man can be rich (women on average are far less inclined to metaphysical thought, making them poor). No central banks, no physical bills, no identity theft (mind theft is still on the table), and most importantly: no value. The issue with modern physical currencies is that despite having no value, they are assigned value; the perfect currency is a currency with no value and no assigned value, a purely metaphorical transaction. The institution of this currency will bring about the perfect conclusion of the already mentioned entity: metaphysical currency will be exchanged for non-material goods.


Modernity Thoughts