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The Collective Unconscious: Tool of the CIA

  It really bothers me when I hear either one of these following two phrases: "I'll just absorb the knowledge from the collective unconscious" and "I'll learn it through osmosis." These two phrases represent the name and property of a metaphysical property of the mind that the CIA exploits. To begin this short summary of my collected knowledge, I will discuss what exactly the collective unconscious is, then describe the techniques used by the CIA to interfere with it, and finally I will outline a few basic tips you can use to resist these techniques.

  The simplest way to understand the collective unconscious is to describe it in physical terms. Imagine, instead of a skull, your brain was surrounded by a selectively permeable membrane. Now, forget all concepts of noise, light, touch, sound, any physical forms of data transmission. Imagine the mind only operates on its own thoughts. The mind is small however, and cannot hope to contain every thought, especially thoughts that are recursively thought. We consider this state, a mind overflowing with a large quantity of very few thoughts, a high salinity mind. A low salinity mind is the opposite, a low salinity mind could contain millions of thoughts, yet all of them are shallow enough not to overflow. Everything outside of your mind is a liquid that is extremely capable in carrying thoughts long distance, therefore any overflown thoughts can be quickly transported miles away. Now to understand the mechanism of the collective unconscious, simply apply your knowledge of osmosis into this model, with high salinity minds leaking thoughts into low salinity minds, leading to the equilibrium of mankind.

  What is being done to manipulate this property of the universe? It is actually quite simple, in order to manipulate the collective unconscious, all that has to be done is to secure some fraction of a population, and manipulate them into a state of high mental salinity, with the thoughts that you wish to promote. While the exact techniques used can only be hypothesized, it is obvious to assume that physical, digital, and psychological manipulation are involved. By changing what content individuals see online, causing individuals physical harm upon seeing certain stimuli, and pleasure at other stimuli, and through the use of undercover agents to psychologically manipulate individuals, the thoughts of any individual can be manipulated. Do this for several key individuals geographically spaced ideally for spreading thought, the collective unconscious can easily be manipulated with the expense of few resources.

  Now, the most important part of this article is to outline several strategies I have come up with to resist the collective unconscious. The theory behind all these strategies is to enforce a high salinity state within your own mind, to prevent permeation of manipulated thought. One such method is thought chanting, where each day you pick a phrase to repeat across the day. Perhaps it would be better to choose a prayer for this, but in the past before I was Christian, I would repeat phrases such as "what a fantastic decade" "they are after me" "around the bend" and many more I have left undocumented and are forgotten to me. Another strategy is to prevent emotions such as anger, as this typically leads to the metaphorical physical representation of a selectively permeable membrane to become more permeable and less selective. A good tip is to document digital thought occurrences, where you have a stray thought, and very soon after it appears online. This is a sign of the collective unconscious leaking into you, and you should pay special attention to it, to prevent further leakage.

  While I have only briefly explained the general concepts related to this, the book I am currently writing will describe this concept in a minutia of detail, as well as elaborating on several other concepts I have mentioned within these articles. Finding a balance between what to write into the book and what to write into an article has been difficult, but I think striking this balance where I briefly describe something in an article and go into more detail in the book is ideal. More articles to come in the future. Also I figured out what caused the weird problem with all my quotes on the site, I was copying articles from my google docs, which has strange quote things going on. Strange times we live in.


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