The Last of Grinoldy

Time Won't Change You

   Everything is changing, although a more proper term would be "progressing." I've written this previously, but published to a far smaller audience: progression is exponentially recipricol. Progress begets progress (Progress referring to "progression of matter or thought" as opposed to moralistic interpretations of the word progress). Every concept is a progression of the past, or more exactly the progression of a progression of... (I use the ellipsis to represent infinite repetition) the past. But in an effort to not retread past writing (that you have probably not seen) I'll attempt to get to the core theme of this article. How do you change yourself?

  But to speak fairly on this topic, it's not much of a topic at all. The only way someone could change is through God. I'll therefore transition to a different topic. I've been talking about myself far too much these past articles, so I think I'll change the trend and talk about myself. What a strange summer. To observe the same patterns but to behave completely differently (out of obligation) is a strange sensation. It's all the same to me. I tricked you, that was about change, or perhaps the lack of it. Previously I state that progression is recipricol and unending, but perhaps you misunderstood. All the processes of life, thought, and matter follow cycles, everything is progressing through the same cycles. Everything follows cycles within cycles. My life has been a cycle of the exact same unchanging baseline patterns, and that cycle has been progressing through a larger cycle, rings rolling around rings rolling around... (Ellipsis serving the same purpose as before).