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Grinoldy Lifestyle 9/28/22: Death of the Giant Baboon (and the Definition of Art)

  I've decided against writing about Death of the Giant Baboon. The project will continue along its original vision. Nothing will change.

  A while ago someone asked my thoughts on art, specifically how we define art. Since I was asked this, a few definitions and thoughts had arose in my mind. The first definition I came to was "Something created predominately to express or elicit emotion." After this, I thought of several other definitions or delineating factors, but I found myself agreeing with this first definition above all others. The definition is very broad, but pleasantly restrictive in a way to make it immediately understandable what is, and isn't art. My confidence only grew in this definition while I thought of other possible definitions. Definitions such as "A form of communication marked by a degree of indirectness" and "The product of creation." These definitions were far too broad, and really highlight the most important part of art: emotion. Emotion itself can be described with so many different words, and yet it is most often impossible to express it with those words. Perhaps that is why art exists, the ancient men wishing to express the joy of hunting, the sorrow of loss, the beauty of nature, and so on. If you have any more thoughts on this definition or feel opposed to it in any way please feel free to contact me in any way you see fit.


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