The Last of Grinoldy

Grinoldy Lifestyle 7/8/21

  When presented with multiple perspectives, that all seem equally valid while underneath it's filter, is there a deterministic method towards finding which perspective is most valid in your circumstance? While the idea of "multiple perspectives" is mostly applied to the ideas of members of a group, or perhaps interactions between groups, I instead refer to multiple perspectives that are mutually exclusive and exist at multiple distinct points of time.

  The problem is that no matter what systems you implace, you are always under the influence of the current perspective. Even if you were to focus purely on facts, and write out every ddetail in a pro/con model, bias will still make it's way into your decision. There is no way to change your perspective through force of will, and no way to force a decision without perspective. Maybe when I have a new perspective I'll come up with some new ideas. I'll just stop making decisions for now.


Grinoldy Lifestyle