The Last of Grinoldy

Grinoldy Lifestyle 6/9/21

  The most antagonistic things hold me up. From my belt to my hands, it's all a singular unit. I've kept my legs clean, from the belt up, it's been allowed to degrade. You put special care in the strangest of things. I read it incorrectly, I didn't engage, but I can fix that now. I can't go back but I can go on (For the future). This is why I hate Summer; I allow everything to persist without input. My life is governed by patterns, and normally I spend a large amount of time thinking about the patterns, but during Summer I neglect doing so. Therefore, the first action of my Summer will be to act. I'll list events that glow below in order to assist with this

  Onto another subject, I wish to add a singular piece of evidence to what I stated yesterday. Another form of concrete is known as coquina, made up of CEMENTED shells, and was famously used to construct the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine. I spent today reading the ramblings (Rather, thoughts. They were too organized to be called ramblings.) of someone who is possibly detestable. Besides a pervasive bias, they came to the same conclusions as I had. A bias supersedes reality. A bias does not stem from your "gut" a bias is imposed. Consider it.


Grinoldy Lifestyle