The Last of Grinoldy

Grinoldy Lifestyle 6/8/21

  Welcome to a new kind of Twitter post, that barely involves Twitter at all. This will hopefully be daily, and be more coherent than my average posts. Today I experienced far less in the way of the usual detractors to my state, although it is hardly a consequence of my own actions. While I have been keeping up with my vocabulary cards for Japanese, I can hardly consider my second attempt to be as serious as my first, but it only has been a few days, I just have to get back on schedule. The greatest detractor to my life is breaking schedules, breaking rigidity is like smashing concrete, it's not an easy fix. The original concrete can't be used, it's all in pieces shattered partly to dust. Concrete has been around for a long time, although I'm not an expert on the subject, the term concrete I do not believe refers to one specific substance. Concrete can follow many different formulas, it's only the modern framework that boxes our idea of concrete into a specific substance, assuredly making those so-called “concrete companies” very happy.


Grinoldy Lifestyle