The Last of Grinoldy

Grinoldy Lifestyle 6/11/21

  I have noticed a trend in government letters, where they use a font that resembles handwriting at the bottom, as well as other additions that seem intent on persuading the reader that the letter was handcrafted. For instance, a letter soliciting me to enlist to the coast guard included not only a fake sticky note with machine generated handwriting, but a different font resembling handwriting at the bottom as well. While it makes sense to include such elements into a letter soliciting enlistment, the real question is why it's so transparently fabricated. Well, the answer is fairly obvious if you understand anything related to government operated gangstalking, but I'm not sure if all of my followers are educated enough on the topic to instantly recognize this tactic, so I'll quickly present an overview to educate my readers. Due to the impossibility of the government facing any repercussions from gangstalking operations, they make use of an advanced intimidation tactic where they tacitly reveal their operation to their mark. The purpose of this is to encourage feelings of helplessness in the mark, making them an easier target for future social engineering attacks. Therefore, the font that resembles handwriting is there not to persuade the reader that the recruiter put special care into the letter, it's just to remind the reader how insignificant they are in the wider scheme of things.


Grinoldy Lifestyle