The Last of Grinoldy

Grinoldy Lifestyle 3/3/22 (The Day Before the Day Prior)

  And that is exactly the issue: the problem. It's brought upon itself. I walk through a day like its any other, except it just isn't any other, for today is today, and days to the conspiratory parties are like days to us, time for opportunity, time for action. As every action is balanced through it's time there is time for me to analyze. Yesterday I uncovered a member of the conspiratory party, and in retribution for this action (uncovering a member of the conspiratory party) they made every time before and after said action miserable. They created paths (physical) upon which I went down and abruptly met an end. Instead of a door there were bricks, and directions would go nowhere. It was just another normal day, except I was somewhat more aware of each action of them to I.

  To analyze such eventualities is meaningless. It was bound to happen. Just a day prior to the day prior (the day prior being yesterday of the publishing of this article) they reintroduced experienced stimuli into different cordoned environments to boast their control.


Grinoldy Lifestyle