The Last of Grinoldy

Grinoldy Lifestyle 3/22/22

  My original intention was to record a video explaining this (real intimate) instead of writing an article (additional degrees of separation between thought and effect). However, in an effort to push out daily articles for this week, I will instead format my thoughts into an article. I will begin by stating that I write nothing that does not reflect my true thoughts. Anything I have written on this website is something that I believe in some form, as long as they do not conflict with my only principle (God). I do not believe that it is healthy to write and proliferate thoughts foreign to you. I emphasize the power of thought in my articles, especially the power of reciprocal thought. The power of writing is not in its ability to spread messages, it is instead its power to reciprocate your own thoughts. However, I am getting sidetracked. The purpose of this article is to explain my state.

  There is some form of environmental manipulation in effect. There is evidence of me being specifically targeted, such as the manipulation of my thoughts, manipulation of the environments based on my thoughts (a strategy they use to reveal their knowledge of my thoughts) in an effort to inflict mental terror. To name a specific incident, I was once at a Wawa, and a crackhead told me I should try Dr. Pepper with cream soda. I decided to try it, and I quite enjoyed it. Then I began to frequently get it. One day, they load the area labeled "Dr. Pepper with Cream Soda" with Diet Dr. Pepper (I got a non diet bottle). Then, several months later, they changed the row they put the Dr. Pepper (but no other soda changed position). They moved it to shin level, forcing me to kneel to them to get my Dr. Pepper. This is just a single one of the many strategies they perform on me.

  This leaves me with very little room in my future. My only option is to keep moving away from wherever they are entrenched. If I remain anywhere too long they can just keep doing it. It took them a while to start doing it after I came to Philadelphia, but it all began again after a few months. So, if I perform any drastic actions (that do not result in my death), I just want everyone to understand I have thought about this for years, mostly since the Summer of 2020.


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