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Grinoldy Lifestyle 1/1/22: Year of the Grinoldy

  They are after me. Everything's been different since that summer. I need to write down the process of discovery, towards discovery. The timeline is all mixed up in my head. I can't remember the order of any of the events. Oh wait, I remember now, for the most part. It's all lining up. That's why I say I was saved twice. I forgot that first time. But anyways, it's all lining up. I'm remembering everything, and I'll be able to take action for the new year. 2022 is a year. Can you remember a single event, at the very least? That's all I'm asking from you. Oh come on, seriously? I can't believe you.

  But anyways, I need to, must, discuss several items. Discussion (one way) is necessary (for me) in order to straighten out my mind. That is why I write, it serves as a discussion between myself in order to remember and organize all the important information. But anyways, what's really important is the topic of the discussion, rather than the minutiae of delivery. There are several ways in which information can be delivered, it just so happens I favor those that trend towards inefficiency, more as a therapeutic tool for myself rather than for any rhetorical utility. The action of writing presents clear strings, strands of thought, that I can clearly run through without getting lost. It's like a rope, it's a line (that's the end of the analogy). But anyways, I must return to the topic (do you remember it?), a small glass of water (famous) is about what can be expected, rather, what is expected from a majority upon receiving hospitality (foreign) at any establishment (non-professional) aren't these parentheses annoying, they provide so little context for each statement and yet they insist on prying into the train. Although, to be honest, they are the most vital part of everything. 2022 is the year of parentheses, the year of Grinoldy.

  But anyways, onto the main topic: Grinoldy's 2022 goals (resolutions (I'm using the word goals rather than resolutions as many of these cannot be finally resolved, only worked towards (although now, upon editing this article, I have realized all of these goals are resolvable, making my use of the word "goals" in place of "resolutions" simple a stylistic choice)). I'm going to switch all my content to Japanese in the year 2023 to gatekeep my content. I will be utilizing my website more through the year 2022. I will finish my book (Death of the Giant Baboon) before the end of the year. That's about it.


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